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  1. Thank you for the follow! :HaulieLove:

    1. Henry_0005


      Your welcome! :HaulieLove:

  2. Thank you for the follow!


  3. Thanks for the follow 🥳

  4. A big hug for the GROFR staff

    1. Henry_0005


      Thank you, and a big hug from the GROFR staff to Império- PT staff

  5. Thank you so much for the follow! ❤️

    1. Henry_0005


      Your welcome! ❤️

  6. Thanks for follow ?

    1. Henry_0005


      Your welcome! ?

  7. Guest

    Guest    Henry_0005

    Thank you so much for the follow  

    1. Henry_0005


      Your welcome!

  8. Thanks for the follow mate. ❤️



    1. Henry_0005


      Your welcome mate. ❤️

  9. Thanks for follow :HaulieLove:

  10. 9774-borpaspin.gif 3865-pink-heart.png ???? ??????? 3865-pink-heart.png 9774-borpaspin.gif

  11. homeland ??❤️


  12. Thnks for the follow ☺️

    1. Henry_0005


      You're welcome

  13. ? ???, ???? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ??????? ??? ? ???? ??? ?? ????????? ????? ???? ??? ???? ???! ?



    1. Henry_0005


      Good Morning!☕

  14. Good night ?


  15. Greetings 

    It's a pity that you can't pin posts here, as I wanted many people to see it.  

    I was sad to leave the team as it was a big blow to me. I strived to get here for a very long time, I waited a long time for a decision, I was in awe of the training and I was in awe of my tasks.

    I wanted to be better and better not only for myself, but also for those around me.

    I am sorry about this situation, but well, I learned my lesson (and it's not about my violation) but about my attitude to the people who committed this act.
    Most likely they will read this message, so I give you a sweet hello and a bitter goodbye.

    I have been kind to everyone, welcoming and friendly. Thank you to everyone who has been there for me all this time and is still there for me.

    Most likely, I left this project for good.

    So, goodbye friends


  16. Good Night TruckersMP Family! ?





  17. Good Night TruckersMP Family! ??




  18. Hope Everyone has had a Lovely Day, I wish you a Peaceful Night!


    Truck Pic: https://imgur.com/6AAnC2s



  19. Ello^^   Henry , Thanks for the follow !!:HaulieExcited:

    1. Henry_0005


      Ello Changas! , You're welcome!! HaulieExcited.webp

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