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  1. The website wasn't only down for a few days only for me right?

  2. Will bans carry over to ATSMP? I wonder.

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    2. Tandre


      No, when the mod is in beta the bans will be removed... That´s probably not untill the release of ATS tho...

    3. Scullllly


      Was confirmed on stream by mwl that the ban list on ats will run off the same database as the current one

    4. Tandre


      You´ll start fresh when mod´s i beta! :D But i agree, i´d like to see a fresh start...

  3. No ETS2MP cams on twitch?

    1. Creatured


      kat hasnt updated them i think

    2. OMGWasteful01
  4. I dont understand EU#2 Doesnt really get full but they make a EU#3 xD

    1. Scullllly


      It has been full everyday since Friday. we are peaking 5.6k players.

    2. Scullllly
    3. MrHarv98


      Maybe you look at the servers on the wrong time ;)

  5. You can only just see the road! #24HourConvoy http://i.imgur.com/rEGEypg.png

  6. Theres a whole page if not more of reports no admins are looking at them.

    1. Prime


      Maybe take a look at the "dealt with" section as well ;)

    2. OMGWasteful01


      Just saying because and admin looked at one right in the middle and then looked at none others.

  7. Steam summer sales! Even tho its mid winter for me :D

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