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  1. Since when traffic lights are respected in TMP?! Even if most of the players will respect it, many will continue to drive like idiots (the same people who were generating these accidents). And you will still end up with accidents. The only way to force people to drive correctly there would be to have more regularly some Game Moderator to ban for 48h anyone driving recklessly or not correctly there.
  2. Yes that would be very interesting indeed. And we could add stats like: average number of bans per banned players (active and not) average account age of banned players average time between each ban average age of banned players
  3. Once since FEB-2021. I lost my self-control with an idiot on the Kirkenes quarry road: I could see in my mirror/chat/radar an idiot trying to overtake everyone and crashing into others while doing it etc... And this guy made it to me. It was downhill. He couldn't pass me on the left as it was too narrow. So he tried passing me on my right directly thought the grass and bushes. When I saw what he was trying to do, I slowly move to the right to prevent him from doing it. But he forced his way and crashed into me. And he managed to pass. I reported him. But it backfired as the Game Moderator judged that I was also in fault blocking/pushing him on the right. And we both got banned
  4. I don't think people who report should be able to set any priority. However, depending on the person being reported and their bans history, the report should be prioritised. i.e. a player who already got banned 4 times over the last 12 months is very likely to cause more damage and bother more players until a moderator bans him/her (after checking the report). While a player who never got banned in 4 years isn't likely to cause more/many problems in the near future. So the first player's report should be treated more quickly than the second one.
  5. I know that some people driving on C-D have the complete opposite opinion but when I'm driving on a busy twisty road I tend to go on the safe side and stay behind (like in real life) and if I'm on the motorway I can overtake when the person is much slower than me (but it's rare ).
  6. That summarizes very well the kind of idiots you can find on this road. Fortunately most of the time they are just threatening on the chat and don't do anything else. But it's annoying as there are quite a bit of people with empty standard trailers trying to race (even on that road!!) and don't want to stop 2min to let people pass. That's why you end up very often with big queues because some people just don't want to wait and force their way on path where there is just space for one truck. And since nobody is leaving space between trucks, people can't reverse and you end up stuck until someone does F7 Apart from that it's a very pleasant road. And one of the rare ones that can be challenging if you make it challenging. Here is what I'm talking about: Drive the most powerful Scania or Volvo in automatic with an empty standard trailer and you won't have any issue driving on that road. Drive a 500bhp truck on manual with a 40T+ cargo on a long lower bed trailer and you will be challenged.
  7. Thanks for spending the time to explain the current situation and challenges. Would have been great to get some comments/insight about TMPs view on SCS convoy technology to know: if that's something that can simply be leveraged on TMP? is it a different technology/solution to what TMP is implementing? Or is it the same? do we have any contact/communication with SCS to collaborate and help on fixing these MMO/networking challenges? I would be interested to know if objects like bins will be synced as well? Technically you can move/push a bin on the middle of the road but currently people don't see it. But once synced I can image some interesting scenarios coming up
  8. Guys you're all wrong! TMP is more FUN now!! You shouldn't complain
  9. Yes I think it's as simple as that. If was TMP I would just switch the server settings between Sim1 and Sim2 (and at the same time reduce the speed limit to 90km/h for the new sim2 )
  10. You're completely right, and it's not new that most of PC game players prefer action/RPG/arcade/racing games rather than Simulation games which is a small percentage. But does that mean TMP needs to move more toward arcade/racing and be less simulation oriented? If they want more players, as you explained, the answer is yes. If they want to keep some simulation spirit, the answer is no.
  11. Or you could imagine that they have special warning lights like emergency services and people should let them pass (like emergency services) so that they can access quickly the problematic area? Or can't GM teleport themselves anywhere?
  12. I think it's a good idea, as long as the traffic management is done by a Game Moderator who has some training and can kick people who don't respect the traffic management. Otherwise I can see several scenarios where traffic management would be very helpful: traffic jams at traffic lights: one road with not too many people but a long queue on the other road. Traffic management could bypass the traffic lights and let the long queue flow for longer to reduce it traffic jams where you have a single lane and people need to give way (i.e. Kirkenes Quarry Road). Regularly people are not very friendly and don't stop to let the others pass and you end up with road blocks and big jams. Traffic management would help here. traffic jams during events where many people try to access the same destination at the same time and it creates multiple jams everywhere. can be useful also to have someone announcing a coming jam 1km before it to warn people so that they don't crash into it (while racing ) GM can quite easily detect these problems using the TMP Map.
  13. As far as I understand this scenario: same player reported several times (by various players) in a short period (couple of days). This player has his/her offenses regrouped into a single ban but with a longer ban in proportion to the amount of offenses. So this will result in 1 ban added to his/her counter even if he/she did several offenses within a couple of days.
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