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  1. YES. The problem is solved, thank you very much!
  2. Thank's bro, I just played 2 hours in single player and when I've tried again It was working ? However I will consider your answer if it happens again ?
  3. Hello guys...when I try to connect to the game I receive this error. If I look on the forum I see that this error is usually related to a BAN. I can't see any BAN in my profile but I receive this error anyway. I've already tryed to reinstall the launcher but nothing happened. Can you please help me?
  4. Alex nice work. I have set all at minimums, to understand what I mean, If I take a roundabout ad 30 KM/H I risk to flip on a side I had some friends with truck in real life and the average speed on a roundabout is 9 km/h Yesterday, however, I've seen that the truck FINALLY, was a little less stable, did you improve this things too? For me was a big surprise, I nearly flipped in finland at 80 km/h in the highway...I was happy
  5. And this is exactly the problem...they DON'T WANT to make TB compatible with VTCW, and this is why I'm letting TB, I don't give a f°°° to use a software that is managed this way. bye bye TB
  6. Yes, i’m in a company that use both, but TB doesn’t works well with vtcWorld. It register 1 trip out of 10...is a shame how TB team is managing this thing...
  7. In Italy we say: "La mamma dei cretini è sempre incinta"...in english could be something like "dumb's mother is always pregnant"...and I think is the best explanation for this kind of things
  8. But why all the people take this route??? I really can't understand...with all europe available why there is always traffic there????
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