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  1. Happy Birthday! ?

  2. I rarely play on TMP since i kinda grew up and have found other interests. BUT i still check her a lot to see whats up :3 Since im still super interested in SCS Games and TMP ❤️ 
    And checking in today on my birthday and seeing some people wish me a happy birthday is just heartwarming :3 Thank you all ❤️ Such a lovely community~

  3. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag :)

  4. @Azusakawa*, @ASIR [CZE] Thank you guys for the anwser @BL4CK$K1LL I got my answer^^ And i dont have any other questions right now
  5. Hellooo^^ So the main Mission of the Event is to bring all the 10 Contracts, thats easy to understand for me. BUUT there is also this 'side' Mission where you get additional Rewards. It says there that i have to deliver a delivery to 5 different Cities. My question is, does that mean that i can make 5 different deliverys to 5 different locations, or does it mean that i have to take the same delivery / trailer to 5 different locations?
  6. Ah okay^^ So if i'm flipped, will the /fix command help me? I thought it would only repair
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