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  1. Mlsje_X


    Hello On december 10th, i reported someone with video as proof. But nobody is looking at it, so... is it even usefull to report someone ?? Greetz,
  2. I hope it will be an realistic snow mod
  3. Hallo Wanneer komt de 1.30 patch online, het werkt namelijk nog steeds niet. World of trucks kan ook nog niet geconnect worden, ik las ergens dat ze, dat pas online gooien wanneer de DLC Italie komt ? Groeten
  4. Mlsje_X

    game crash

    When i come near rotterdam. game crashes.. way to much people. how to fix it ?
  5. I got that too.. almost everything works.. but servers still offline
  6. And didt it work ?? reinstalled mp doesnt work for me either
  7. Someone who knows to solve this ?
  8. It also says i played around 903474349824 hours... :P
  9. still offline.. it says : session is invalid. try to connect and login again. and again.. and again...
  10. Hi all.. I already played today but suddenly game froze and crashes.. When i want to reconnect again server is offline. or i get an error something with ( api ) and it says: reconnect later.
  11. Thanks its solved now !.i finaly can play again, thanks all
  12. I never use any kind of firewall/av. and only thing it says is right top OFFLINE. nothing else to say
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