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  1. For several weeks, the Promods Map is now available in multiplayer, as there are some narrow streets here, this causes long traffic jams and a lot of stress in some places. Particularly affected are the tunnel and the bridges on the road to the quarry near Kirkenes. These addressed areas are only one lane passable and especially the tunnel causes chaos, as this is not visible. The bridges are "only" long waiting times to be reckoned with, so I grabbed a car today and tried to "regulate" the traffic on a bridge, as far as I could. Many players were surprised, but after a short time thankful for the help. After some time, another car joined me and the players in the nearby tunnel mentioned above asked for help in the chat room. Here was complete chaos broke, which was difficult to solve. We, the other player and I took the initiative and regulated the traffic at the tunnel according to our possibilities. So we stopped one side and let the other side pass, in constant change. As was to be seen from the chat the action was well received, almost all thanked and understood our intention. But now I know that this is only partially, or not at all, allowed because we were partially "blocked." I think the rules are important and I always strive to comply with them because I'm a big fan of simulations, I hold myself to speed limits, but I would like actions that allow the flow of traffic, ie regulating traffic, to be allowed, meaningless blocking is of course annoying and it is right to sanction this, but I would like to have an extra point here The chat showed that many did not see themselves hampered by our action, but saw it as a win When an admin interfered and pointed out the rules, many players were outraged and defended our initiative, I believe that There is a need for this kind of traffic management, especially at Kirkenes, and I would like to see such actions taken because I felt that nobody felt disabled. What do you think About this Topic?
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