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  1. I think that the time a moderator is given to respond to any appeal should be relative to the ban length. Evidence of bans should always be uploaded not only if the user requests it. I received a ban for 4 days with no evidence supplied. If I ask for evidence on day 1 the moderator is given until late day 3 / early day 4 to respond to the request for evidence. If i choose to make an appeal based off of the evidence i may have to wait another 3 days before receiving a response. This would also be similarly true for a 7 day ban where evidence is not supplied again until day 3 and a response may not be received until day 6 which is unhelpful for removing the ban before it ends normally.
  2. Ok thanks. So it’s just based off the time given to respond to an appeal. I’d read somewhere that mods were to attach evidence at the end of their sessions. Thanks
  3. First of all sorry if this is in the wrong place. How long is a moderator given to attach evidence after banning a player in game? Thanks
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