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  1. Niko, let's go bowling

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  3. Play Euro Truck Simulator 2 single player with DirectX. After login game set your game screen to fullscreen on your settings. After all of that try to play TruckersMP. Hope to solve it.
  4. It is definitely game. If you wanna see simulator fly on IVAO,VATSIM with P3D, XPlane-11 or FSX. You can see huge differents. Like, you cannot see someone who is trolling on virtual aviation but you can find many trolls in ETS2. Maybe the reason is age group that plays. I don't know. But ETS2 is a game.
  5. You can use HTML if you want to add ets2map.com <iframe src="https://ets2map.com/" width=900 height=650</iframe>
  6. Steam/Euro Truck Simulator 2 yi çalıştırın. Gelen ekran oyunu DirectX ile çalıştırın. Single player da biraz oynayın. Daha sonra TruckerMP ye giriş yapın.
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