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  1. okay so i was on the game earlier in cali untill my gamefroze and i admit i hold the que up so i did the useal hold the power button as i was locked out at that time anyway came back on the game was gonna do a few jobs here and there untill i notice my profile disserpeard so i thought i look in my profile in my documents and it says it there so i tryed the game again and still my profile won't shoiw up on the launch pad and i know i not banned cause i checked my account before doing this so help please
  2. Okay looking back at the comments i can see where most of the problem is however tomorrow I do a reinstall just hope I still have that high level 1413 and 760mil that I grinded
  3. I having Problems connecting my Vive la France DLC after the 1.2.7 update the other 2 DLC's connected with no problem Just says Online Service can not Activate this DLC I payed for it ages ago so help I show you screenshot please help thanks
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