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  1. v0.0.7 Change Log Compatible with ETS2 v1.42.
  2. Congrats :woah:

    1. Strad


      Thank you! ❤️

  3. Congrats ❤️

    1. Mingran7


      sunwinnnnnnnnnnnnn <333 非常感谢 ❤️

  4. There's no need to download every paintjob for everyone, same as paintjob DLCs.
  5. The core competency of TruckersMP is community, and community is based on people. More people come means more talents come. Talents good at developing, graphics/videos making or modding make the community even better. So TMP must do something now to let TMP more attractive to keep the community growing. Then how? First, simpify the steps of registration. Look at SCS MP. Players could easily play MP with several clicks. How about TMP? Visit website; register with steam account (profile page must be public, game time must be public) (I don't mean it isn't reasonable btw); download the launcher; install it and choose the path which the game program is located, etc... Do we really need such amount of steps? Look at the knowledge base. Too many invisible training costs. Try to intergrate the registration into the launcher. Try to find the program location automatically, such as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 227300 Try to intergrate job synchronization. and more of course. Second, release more attractive features. Support more truck/paintjob/accessory mods. Paintjobs could be generated by any VTCs by their own with a verified standard tool. Don't simply refuse the idea because of copyright thingy. Find a way to compatible with it. For example, let players install mods themself while TMP only do verification things. #BestCommunityEver is not only a slogan, same to TruckersMP.
  6. This is a pretty good example. It could be even more useful if it's allowed to display more players on the 'M' map just like ets2map (maybe with a less frequency refresh rate).
  7. v0.0.6 Change log Add Turkish (by DoruqTV) and Traditional Chinese language Fix a timezone bug for UTC+/-x.5 areas Fix the truck model under 1.41 Please update to the lastest version. Previous versions are not compatible with v1.41 any more.
  8. Hello all, we are looking for translators. It would be much appreciated if you could help us. Please click https://forms.gle/i15t3YksyLXnAvdR9 to submit your translation.
  9. When I go to bed, Fox7y is driving. When I wake up, Fox7y is driving.:kappa:

  10. Mingran7 😚😚😚

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      sunwinbus <33333

  11. thx for the follow

  12. Finally compatible with v1.40. I have to admire your great perseverance and selfless contributions.
  13. save ur game and modify 'trailer_placement' to put the trailer in a proper position.
  14. @MrGladdyreplace fuel relative by regular expression in Notepad++ or other similar editors like this: replace 'fuel_relative.*' into 'fuel_relative: 1000' finished in 1 second
  15. No 'reply to this topic' or 'start new topic' button in Developer Portal. Same as this problem:
  16. Congrats!

    Thx for ur contribution. TMP will be the best community ever.

    1. Soul Knight

      Soul Knight

      Thank you 🥰

  17. v0.0.5 Change log Pop up a warning message if destination company doesn't exist in user's save file. The synchronized job is selected by default in the freight market if both 'Sync Job' & 'Move to Start Point' are ticked. Allow to tick 'Move to Start Point' only.
  18. v0.0.4 Change log Support path selection if default path is not detected. Trailers' rotation will now be synchronized.
  19. Finally I can reply to this topic... @rtkpXX I've added an option to unlock truck dealers. Try version 0.0.3 pls. Sadly, unlock the full map is not possible by reading the savegame file only. And my goal is to keep simple, so I'm not going to add custom input options. You could try TS SE Tool, which provides more advanced features.
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