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  1. HCT finlandiya harcinde başka ülke kullanılmasa daha güzel olur.
  2. Aksam (Akşam değil ? )
  3. Suggestion Name: The addition of the Iveco 13m bus to truckersmp. Suggestion Description: Iveco 13m is the best modern bus on intercity roads. It is better and more comfortable than the Bluebus se. Any example images: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1986485167 Why should it be added?: Bluebus se is very bad to use on intercity roads brake system, steering adjustment, engine power and other players have no Decency to those who drive this type of bus. If the Iveco 13m comes to the game, I believe that it is a better vehicle on intercity roads than the bluebus se and that it will be taken care of by other players on the roads Decently.
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