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  1. Is this any question bout italy? When we do find someone who meets these requirements, we will drive behind them, use our horn / siren and ask them to pull over. You will then need to park in a safe place where you will have to answer a question about Italy.
  2. Happy Birthday Aragon450

  3. Or during peak flow traffic you can use this route (highlighted in red) to go from Calais - Duisburg and vice versa
  4. Admins are the only people allowed to use the police paint jobs and police lights, everyone else can use the pilot jobs which are the orange beacons and the pilot paint jobs
  5. I miss rootkiller he was the best I wish him all the best with scs
  6. An error has occured as magic has shown
  7. Watching that video it would seem that you're trying to drive through a barrier that is set on the pavement/walkway/sidewalk and not on the road. Have you attempted to drive through it via the road only?
  8. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, this will be passed onto the Devs
  9. You say your quicksave is F9, I suggest you change this to another key, F9 hides the chat box
  10. If we haven't seen these players with these names just do the /report <id><reason> one of us will see the report and attend or just kick with the reason of change name
  11. Please check the forums before requesting a similar suggestion, this has been mentioned previously and is due to be fixed soon, ETA on a fix is currently unknown
  12. We are aware of this problem http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/4193-traffic-lights-are-all-red/ Topic closed, please search for same topic before posting duplicates
  13. I kicked you twice with change name due to the fact eBola, is an inappropriate name you refused twice to change it hence your 3 day ban, if you can change your name and make a ban appeal in the relevant thread following the correct format and show via screenshot I may consider removing/reducing your ban.
  14. Any date given by other means with regards to the release date of ATS is just speculation,even SCS are not sure of when they will release ATS
  15. Also include your log spawning file from the ETS2MP file To find this go to Documents > ETS2mp > Logs > Log Spawning It will be the latest log spawning file, post this into pastebin
  16. This bug has already been reported (http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/4242-fatal-error/) , see the topics before making a new one. Closed.
  17. By using pastebin you can provide the logs by html, go to mydocuments > ETS2MP > Logs > Log Spawning
  18. From what I can work out the system is limited to 2600 spaces even if it is at 2594 there may be 1000 people waiting to log in at the same time and the system is unable to cope due to people successfully logging in but not connected to to EU1, just give it time and once a server space becomes available you shall be in
  19. Sorry WooQash that guy you have posted is not the player
  20. If you are still having problems, with activation please resend a new ticket support request as ticket ID 278 is not showing up
  21. Have you retried to download the mod again? or resetting your computer?
  22. Try running the Multiplayer as Administrator right click the shortcut and click on Run as Administrator, keep pressing Ok if it comes up with the error and it should load up normally after about 3 or 4 attempts
  23. The MP mod is no threats, I have passed this onto the developer and await a reply
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