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  1. Just get more admins, I'm sure there's a bunch of people trying to become admins, just get more. I referred to it as overtaking on the inside on a single lane road to avoid confusion with dual carriageway undertaking, which should not be banned because of it not being that dangerous and it would also lead to people sulking about it.
  2. Suggestion Name: Road Rule Penalties Suggestion Description: Make crossing double white lines an offence with the penalty of a warning, with three warnings in 6 months leading to a 1-week ban and then a 1-month ban, 6-month ban and so on. Also overtaking on the inside on a single lane road have similar penalties, make overtaking in traffic jams have the penalties system too allow speeding (But only to stop people from sulking about it) and have it on all servers. Any example images: no. Why should it be added?: To reduce crashes
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    Sections of German Autobahn have no car speed limit. Is racing allowed on those sections?
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    Is racing in cars on non-speed limit sections of German Autobahn sections allowed due to the fact that there is no car speed limit, because if that's the case I would like to organise a Trans-German race from the Swiss border to Kiel.
  5. +1 But I say put it into EU2 as well, that would make for a truly comedic C-D road! Skodas sliding around trucks jackknifing, chaos!
  6. As a driver of the Skoda I agree. A way for this to be added without the driving physics of the Skoda getting worse would be to also change the tyre physics of the Skoda so they have a lot more grip, at the current point the tyres have less grip than that of a truck so adding grip to the tyres while reducing the weight will be making the crashes more realistic. +1 But unfortunately it probably won't be added.
  7. because TMP hasn't updated to fit the patch yet. Try backdating your game.
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    If you want repairs after the perils of the C-D road, go to Dortmund, it is much less crowded.
  9. But not 100%, and that's my point. Personally I think you should have to pass a test to buy a Skoda or a truck engine with more than 500hp that would mean that not all Skoda drivers would be seen as pillocks. Personally I drive my Skoda at the car speed limit every time.
  10. People in this game talk about the Skoda drivers racing around at 7 billion km/h ramming trucks and cutting them off, but that is simply not true, some people like to drive a car according to the road rules with other people around them, and as a Skoda driver I have had many problems with trucks doing stupid things like driving slowly in the outside lane, driving at 160km/h before tipping over and cutting me off when I overtake them. Idiots will always exist no matter what they drive, getting rid of the Skoda would just put the idiots in 750hp Volvos without trailers.
  11. When i go to report a player in the tab menu because I am a wheel user it just makes me look around to use the mouse so how do i get my mouse to show up in the tab menu?
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