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  1. I have it on none- opt out of all betas. i don't think i find the ` key, if i find it i don't ge tthe black border up..
  2. yes i have tried to verify ets game fils, i have reinstall, truckerMP, ets2, and steam.. nothing worked, i also tried to downgrade the game, but i don't now witch of them i should choose, all of the versions i tried didn't work.. when i try to lauch ets2 with muliplayer it says ( unsupported game version detected. expected version you have version: don't now what to do. singelplayer i so boring-.-
  3. i don't get it.. and i can see so many other people playing etsmp ps. betas is on opt of all betas... i
  4. what to do, i try to launch ets2 multiplayer.. yes i have the right patch and everything, it worked perfect until a new update on ets2-.-
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