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Community Answers

  1. Happy Birthday ❤️ 

  2. Happy Birthday! 🎉 bigfaaan

  3. Yes, we can use the freecam in almost any way we want What we can't do with it: Use it continuously for reports (using it to catch a player's name/tag is okay, but using it for the entirely of a report especially if you go away from your own truck isn't okay) Teleport (but it's disabled on TMP anyways)
  4. Sim1 had connection issues for a while (might still?), so people moved to Sim2 Of course, its somewhat ironic that this is how TruckersMP (or I should say, ETS2MP at that point) was for the longest time, the majority of players were always on EU2 rather than EU1.
  5. It's pretty likely something was disabled somewhere, if you have the console enabled you can type this into it (and press enter) to see if the icons will come back: g_show_game_elements 1 If you don't have the console enabled, you can follow this guide to enable it:
  6. Suggestion Name: Changing the traffic light outside Duisburg to be more efficient Suggestion Description: Add an arrow turning light to the intersection outside Duisburg to allow people to turn right when it is safe to do so. (In addition, the lights might be able to have their timing changed like what was done outside Calais to reflect these changes - e.g more time leaving Duisburg) Any example images: Why should it be added?: There is almost always traffic backed up coming from the Calais-Duisburg road when the area is busy, and since this traffic movement doesn't conflict with any other movement it can ease the traffic coming from that direction
  7. Any combination of trailers is okay, the server will automatically kick you if it isn't okay
  8. It's possible that TruckersMP has not yet verified that you own one of the DLC. You can follow these steps to make sure that TruckersMP can verify that you own the DLC: Make sure your Steam profile and Steam game details are set to public in Steam's privacy settings Go to https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings and click on the "Linked Games/DLC" tab. Click the blue "Check DLC" button. Wait a couple minutes If you prefer, you can set your Steam profile's privacy settings back how they were, if you made any changes Try again to play on TruckersMP
  9. Unfortunately with normal jobs this usually isn't possible, however, if you take World of Trucks jobs those will expire in real time rather than being based on the in-game time.
  10. I think its always great to see things like this in the game, not only does it further the interest between both SCS and (in this case) Volvo for the future, but it also brings us more content that isn't a generic model
  11. I think that's the fastest i've bought a DLC from it's release so far
  12. Open the normal console with the tilde key (~) and type g_minicon 0, then press enter That will hide the mini console you mention If you ever want to re-enable it, just type g_minicon 1
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