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  1. Hope everyone is having a nice Summer break.


    Remember to drive safely and to stay healthy during this pandemic. Make sure to wash your hands regularly.


    Enjoy your weekend!



  2. Happy birthday Elvis! ?

  3. Thanks to everyone who attended the Official TruckersMP Convoy in American Truck Simulator tonight! 


    I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Have a nice week and enjoy your Monday tomorrow! :kappa:



    1. Beales


      nice little location someone found :kappa:

    2. Jeroen


      @Beales Yeah I wonder who :kappa:

  4. Took my truck on a journey through the beatiful countrysides of Spain in ProMods.

    Definitely recommended to check it out yourself, especially if you like to scenic rural roads with lots of nature!


    Did you also know that our event team has organized a new TruckersMP official convoy next Sunday (January 26)?

    We will quickly be crossing into the latest DLC, Utah, where we explore some of the most stunning views the state brings.


    Enjoy your weekend and I hope to see many of you on Sunday!



  5. Time to deliver some presents for the most wonderful time of the year ?



  6. Touring with my new LoneStar truck through Utah. 



    1. Chemistry_TMP


      Due to not playing ATS, so I don't play ATS, but picture is great :)


    2. Mr.Drexy


      nice photo ♥ :wub:

    3. Guest
  7. Nei5IxK.png


    Corsica is a nice little Island for a short holiday tour. Now it's time to explore the rural roads of the Road to the Black Sea DLC. ?

    1. Beales


      wow this is great.




    2. El Moreno s.l
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  8. Despite the unexpected and simultaneously running TruckersMP official event Harmony Convoys still managed to attract over 100 truckers! Thanks to everyone who came over and see you next month! 

    * Picture credits go to Paltala


  9. Just got my G29 + Shifter delivered. Can't wait to finally get rid of keyboard driving :lol:

    1. Interstate Nomad

      Interstate Nomad

      Fantastic news!
      Enjoy the increased realism and drive safely! :)

    2. Hawkmusen


      Good job, I've been playing with G29+Shifter for 2 years. I'm sure you will be satisfied! ;):check:

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