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  1. Vielen Dank für das Folgen ❤️

    1. Obsthändler [AUT]

      Obsthändler [AUT]

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  2. Dear @Baggyor, I have translated your text into German and read that your game or profile got mixed up with the promod files and he can't assign different paths correctly. Try it: Check your game under the Steam libraries for errors. Delete the promods from your mod folder (copy or move them on the desktop). Then: Start the normal Euro Truck Simulator 2.exe and try to get into the game as normal. If this works, make a save. After that: Try to join the multiplayer - start TruckersMP client and launch ETS2 (start). If this works, do a save in the Multiplayer. Try that a 2nd time and if the game starts smoothly. Make sure that you have downloaded all Promods files correctly and your virus scanner does not see any files as a threat. Try to copy or move the Promods files into the Mod folder under Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder. Then try to start the game (TMP Launcher) and load the Promods. Attention: Make sure that you always have Steam open with each operation. If all this doesn't work, I can help you on the fast now only through Anydesk. I hope I could bring you one step closer.
  3. Hey @Tiflow! Try turning off your PC and : 1. check your Ram memory, so take it out once and put it back in after 2-3 minutes. 2. keep an eye on the temperature of your PC, maybe it doesn't cool down properly, your PC could get too hot and the game will crash. 3. once you have the PC open, check all cables. 4. keep all drivers of your programs on the PC up to date. 5. check that you have enough space on your hard drives. I used this checklist to correct the error. Happy Trucking!
  4. At the same time with Run Command try to chkdsk /f ( the C and the colon without spacing he makes me a smiley here ) press enter wait for the answer and then press the J key and reboot your PC
  5. Alles alles gute und Viel Gesundheit :)


    1. Knusperschnitzel


      Vielen Dank, schönes Bild :wub:

  6. I have already found a solution for this. In the audio settings you have to select the single audio track, otherwise you can't share HUD directly out into the world in the ingame. Check the attachment Screenshot. Problem Solved.
  7. Thanks for the follow! 

    1. Obsthändler [AUT]

      Obsthändler [AUT]

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  8. Hey Chev!

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      [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

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  10. Hello love community! I need your help, in the attached picture I show you my problem, I can't figure it out so far and have tried everything. I can't watch the scene directly ingame and upload it somewhere. I have already 1000x reinstalled it uninstalled properly deleted etc... If someone has or had the same problem and a solution for it I would be very grateful. In love your fruit dealer I use Windows 8.1. 64-bit
  11. I intentionally started this discussion because there are many video producers in ETS2 as well as in ATS who wish to be able to set a higher arbitrary distance. For the simple reason that you can make much much much cooler video recordings for convoys, events or similar when you see more and further. Most video producers have a better PC anyway, they don't mind that so much. ETS2 the engine, ingame, the ping from and to other players is more the problem if it will last. Greetings from Vienna!
  12. Have a nice day from 🇦🇹 @everyone :)

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  14. It should be arbitrarily adjustable and of course only those with a good PC have the possibility to see everything :D
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