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  1. Congratulations to the winners with their great pictures
  2. Farming simulator 19 Sims4 Anno 1404 and 1800 City skylines Age of empires II Bus simulator 18 Overcooked 2
  3. old but still good NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M (4GB)
  4. Oh yes - I'd like a nice old-school Mack Pinnacle.
  5. Thanks for this great news and for all the efforts leading to it. You're amazing. Much fun for all and always a good and safe trip! See you on the roads.
  6. Oh, I'd like to cruise around Irish countryside. That would be a nice DLC - maybe in combination with a rework on England and Scotland. Additionally Spain and Portugal would be really nice. I think there are a lot of options and I am looking forward to all of them, no matter what will be released next.
  7. Of course we can Just keep calm and drive on
  8. Thanks for this topic and your sharing of first experiences in the 1.35 beta. I am waiting for the official release and really looking forward to explore new areas.
  9. This poll is hard for me. At my beginnings in ETS2 I tried all to see what I want to buy once I have enough money. Renault, DAF and Iveco have been quickly off my shopping list. My first own one was a Volvo, which I still have and like a lot. Currently I am mainly driving my second, the Scania. Hard to tell which I like more, maybe, really just a bit more, the Scania. In the 3rd place I like Mercedes.
  10. So far I've been hit only once. But maybe it's because I mainly drive on EU3 (EU2 only in late hours, when I can see there are just around 2.000 people). Additionally I don't go to or near C-D road. What I face all the time is that people behind me try to put pressure on me because I follow speed limits with the cruise control and stop at red lights. So they usually come quite close and honk at me all the time.
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