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  1. Well. At least now I know what I need to do. Thank you! I guess this topic can be closed.
  2. @mexiumut I've tried your method and it still doesn't work. The only way is to reinstall TruckersMP then. @K-Sprint I've reinstalled TruckersMP and it still doesn't work. Anyway. Thank you so much much guys for trying to help me, but I guess I'll just give up.
  3. OK. Thanks! I guess I'll have to reinstall TruckersMP. I that doesn't then I guess I can't try any other method. Thanks! I'll try this method to see if it works first.
  4. He pay? What is that? And Yes, I was in Multiplayer.
  5. Hi! I've been having problems getting the Skoda in ATS. I can't find it in the dealership, unlike in ETS2. Can anyone help me?
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