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  1. Since no video this week, here's a photo of a truck doing a wheelie instead.
  2. stfu im playing euro truck simulator 2
  3. New year, same drivers. Happy new year everyone!
  4. Freddie Mercury Gets Into A Traffic Accident And Calls Mama
  5. Faded - Alan Walker, but every Beat is a crash from Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer.
  6. Crazy Skoda kamikaze into helpless Volvo destroying the truck! More funny moments on Euro truck simulator 2 #7 !!!
  7. Driving in the rain is fun and calming.
  8. When you watch too much Initial D and start overtaking and drifting into corners...
  9. Found my first hacker/troll online! he drives through me and other players and cause 100% damage. How can i report him when i cant even find his ID? Watch funny moments #4 here:
  10. Funny momments number #3. Finally after months of playing i see someone get an INSTA BAN for crashing!
  11. Congrats to @[VIVA] Jxkke, @ffracing75 and @Tuna_. Amazing pictures
  12. Yes i got the answer @BL4CK$K1LL. Thanks for the help and also thanks to @Averazon and @[RLC] Alis* for giving me examples of sites to use.
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