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  1. Many players i have reported have gone unpunished and the faith i have in the admin team and this community as a whole is deteriorating, the fact that these extreme rule breakers just get away with breaking rules. I am aware it takes time to get through reports but my previous reports were addressed within 2 days. approaching 10 days now and it remains unread by anyone. such a shame.
  2. is it mandatory to be in the VTC system if you want to have a VTC? or can you just bypass it and run it ole fashioned?
  3. pressing the light button once turns on the PARKING lights, at least in ATS. Parking lights are only for when you are parked on the side of the road at night. in real life, it uses too much energy for the low beams to be on (when the engine is off because you're parked), but its still important to be seen, so alas, the parking lights. General rule of thumb is if you're thinking about whether its dark enough to use lights, then it definitely is. in the game, depending on graphics settings, the high beams don't blind the other drivers like they do in real life. High beams during night are much worse due to the light difference between the ambient world and the lights, so having highbeams on in the day wont blind people as the outer environment in the day is much brighter than highbeams. the "light horn" you're talking about is called "flashing your high beams" its totally legal and acceptable, and its usually only used to tell the person in front that they can merge in front of you (if their lane is ending or if they have their signals on to indicate they want to change lanes). You should not use it as a horn though, use the actual horn for that.
  4. I was about to say why all the servers were offline and combined 20 people across all servers..
  5. yes, small changes like these make the game so much more worth it to play
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