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  1. Try these Relaunching the Steam app then opening the game Same as 1. but open it as administrator then open the game Reinstalling the launcher Setting TMP as admin by default (Right click on TMP shortcut > Properties > Launch Game as admin)
  2. Do not follow the players using Double trailers in the restricted areas, else you might get possibly banned.
  3. Nope, just.. no. as @MCIRELANDsaid:
  4. My advice is do not overtake and be patient. I tried overtaking in CD but failed as I survived the oncoming traffic, and driving through the player infront of me.
  5. Mine is HCT Triple and Krone.
  6. Hello, This may be caused by Screen Resolution, please launch the game in Safe Mode and the resolution will automatically change to the lowest resolution once you start, you will have to change the resolution in Settings.
  7. marcus_c09


    this has nothing to do with tmp
  8. marcus_c09


    Yeah, also if players were allowed to drive the Police Skoda, people would abuse it.
  9. If that player accidentally did something wrong, consider forgiving him/her. Only ban if he/she is agressive.
  10. marcus_c09

    Favorite DLCS

    Scandinavia, I like going to really dangerous roads like the Oslo-Bergen road.
  11. Turning off the speed limiter is still 90kph in Singleplayer. Other way is to use mod instead.
  12. This is optional but I recommend it, try keep distance with a maximum of 50-60m
  13. Suggestion Name: Border Control in every country border Suggestion Description: The In-Game border controls will allow you to have your in-game passport checked and pay in-game money. Any example images: Yes. Why should it be added?: To add the realism in the game and to feel like you are going to another country.
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