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  1. I learned that it's quite easy to tell that I'm not from Poland when I speak Polish. I guess I have an American accent, which is pretty cool. American accent when speaking Polish, but Polish accent when speaking English.
  2. At least nobody was hurt. Shame that it happened, but I'm glad the driver was okay. Dude might get fired though, welp.
  3. This can be severely abused. A guy rammed me and started to curse at me in a foreign language. I think he was mad at me because I had to stop to turn into a loading dock, while he was going fast in a Scout within city roads. I'm sorry, but just apologizing isn't enough. And as @RichManSCTV said above me, you can always appeal the ban.
  4. Before having a girlfriend, my cat Leo would keep me company and make me feel a lot less lonely. Now I have a girlfriend, dating for over 6 months, and my cat is the only reason that she comes over
  5. Born and raised in New Jersey, USA. But my whole family is from Poland, and I was raised Polish, so I consider myself Polish and am fluent. I think I have an accent though, as a Polish person in game immediately realized that I'm not from Poland.
  6. I've been playing ETS2 for at least 3 years now, and I only just realized that my truck and trailer occasionally gets damage from driving. I never noticed this before. Is this a new mechanic in the game for general wear and tear, and is it only in TMP or is it the game itself? And no, I didn't crash or bump into anything for this to happen. How long has this been a thing?
  7. Metal in general. Thrash, Death, Black, Doom, Groove, and most other subgenres.
  8. My mom's 2010 Toyota Highlander, but it was only once. Eventually I got my dad's 2002 Toyota Camry, I miss that car.
  9. I have multiple. Currently, an Evo X. I drive a 2017 Lancer, and people always mistake it for a sports car and ask if it's an Evo. I wish. In the future, when I graduate college and move out with my girlfriend, I'm going to look into importing an R34 Skyline. As difficult as that may be, it's always going to be my dream.
  10. I spend a lot of time in DLC areas, but I haven't noticed too many idiots on the road in vanilla areas like everyone else seems to have. Are you all talking about specific busy areas like Calais only? Or is this in general, and I'm just lucky to not see many of them?
  11. Volvo, but recently I've been starting to lean towards Scania. They look really beautiful, especially the later ones after a certain level.
  12. ETS2 for a good 3-4 years, but I have been playing 18 Wheels of Steel: Across America since I was 4. Does that count? haha ETS2MP for about 2 years.
  13. Happened last night. A convoy of about 5 people were heading in the direction that I was, but only four were stopped in the middle of the road. The fifth, someone with the same clan tag so I know they're together, was over the guardrail on the other side of the highway. I expressed my condolences and moved on, but had a great laugh Also, a funny one was when I was playing with my friend a year or two ago. I went past a toll booth and he tried going through with me to avoid the 100 or so Euro cost. It ended up costing him a couple thousand to repair. I have a picture on my phone, if anyone's interested in seeing a squished truck I'll post it after work.
  14. My first phone was a Nokia phone, not even a flip phone. A few months later my dad got a new one and gave me his, and I wish I remembered the name. If anyone can help me find out what it is, that'd be great. It wasn't a flip phone, but the bottom half flipped over horizontally into either a keyboard or a speaker. It was revolutionary for 11 year old me. Currently I'm on the iPhone XR, and I actually like it.
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