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  1. Frankly a disapointment to see TMP going backwards instead of forwards: Abolition of report reason "ban evading" - As a TMP player since 2017 I see this as a mistake, that will take TMP back in the overall progress it has made so far. Throughout the years I play, there has been so many times, TMP staff simply did not recognize ban evaders and we, the players had take charge of the situation and use report system in order to get them out of the game. I worry, that there were made no internal changes, that you just changed the rules to have less work with reports which is a disgrace to the
  2. Its easy to say these words, but someone have to enforce rules ingame. How could there be triples nowaways? I can ride C-D road twice, but theres still lack of admins ingame.
  3. Simulation up to 110km/h What a joke. Useless update. You have to start doing job ingame, someone has to enforce rules, if not you, who then? Translators? Devs?
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