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  2. Happy Birthday! @Ahmet16 🤩

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  7. yes it will be much better in many ways. I don't think the port has much of an effect on traffic.
  8. yes, the traffic light and the entrances and exits to the station make the traffic quite busy.
  9. Actually, the problem is that players do not use the exit in the port area. Everyone prefers to take the first exit, which causes a lot of traffic in the city. Of course, this is only necessary for the city. Because in the continuation of the road, there is a deadlock between the highway crossings.
    1. pofii


      Merhaba Ahmet, mouse kontrol barı kaldırılmıyor diye biliyorum ve F11 tuşu ile oyuncu isimlerini gizleyebilirsin veya gösterebilirsin. Ancak bu sırada TAB menüsüne erişimin olmaz. İsimler göründüğü vakit TAB menüsüne erişim sağlayabilirsin. Sanırım ekran görüntüsü almak için bu soruları sordun. Onun yerine oyunun ana menüsünde fotoğraf modu var simgesi ise fotoğraf makinesi gibi. Oraya tıklarayak fotoğraf moduna girebilirsin ve daha kaliteli fotoğraflar çekebilirsin.

    2. Ahmet16


      @pofii I didn't know that, thanks man 😊💖

    3. pofii


      Rica ederim. 🙂 

  10. I don't have a rotation in mind, but I would like it to be a beautiful place with mountainous and bumpy roads.
  11. So according to your interpretation, all cities in general are smaller than they should be, so you think SCS should make arrangements for all cities. Personally, I think this would be very nice and beautiful, because the current city designs are really starting to get old. Yes, that's right, they can choose another alternative route. However, optimization problems can be bad for those who want to go on the road with traffic., In fact, what people don't like is that they make unnecessary accidents due to things like bugs and optimization issues. true, but don't you think the city is too small? Yes, one of the biggest factors is the user factor, as you say, those who act really unbalanced. But when I compare Calais with Duisburg, I see the same problems at some points. Generally If I look at it in general, many people think that the renewal of the city would be nice in terms of change. If we look at it in terms of traffic, I see that the problem is experienced in the user group, but what are the main problems in the user group and their reasons? Is there a better and more streamlined way of solving problems with users? If yes, what is it?
  12. Actually my idea could be a 3 lane highway that connects directly to Calise and duisburg road so that the traffic density can be greatly reduced. In this way, extra traffic and accidents can be prevented, but I think the presence of traffic adds a different pleasure to the game, unless we count the players who weld the queue and cause accidents. Do you think the traffic contributes to the game in terms of entertainment?
  13. In other words, according to you, the main problem is not on the map, but because the users act hastily, carelessly and unsympathetically. I actually agree with this idea, because when I try to leave the city, people drive their trucks/vehicles very fast and very close to the player next to them. And besides, there are many people trying to get into the left lane from the right lane. It's clear that users are a factor, but do you still think the roads are narrow? There are too many players trying to reach this city. i.e. does it make sense for the roads to be 1/2 lane with lots of bends?
  14. Hi guys, I was wondering what you think about the calais entry and exit way. Do you think the Calais entry and exit road should be reorganized? Or is it fine as it is? As you know, duisburg road was having density problem like calais and they updated the road to solve this issue, do you think the same solution can be done in calais? I will be very pleased if you answer the questions with the reason.
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