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  1. Hello everyone! 

  2. I guess I'm back?

  3. This is an irrelevant hashtag- BUT! #LoveKingDualznz In the comments! ^^

  4. whats the discord for the group? I need a invite if I can get one :P


    1. willians1002


      You can't enter in the Discord group by invite.

      You need to link your TruckerMP account to your Discord account.

      You can do it in your profile settings here: https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings (it is in the bottom)

    2. Shizuko


      Thank you ^^


  5. Got my truck, Got the drink, Got the gear, Got the radio, Ready to move out-

    Wait wheres the gang? I almost forgot about them?? Hmm- I'm sitting in ( Phoenix, Arizona ) In ATS If anyone wants to join me ^^

    That should help most people- We will have a gang now! Common and truck with meh!

  6. Hello! How is everyone doing?!

    1. [VIVA] TruckerJ

      [VIVA] TruckerJ

      Good thanks, hbu?

    2. Shizuko


      Oof, I must log on here more often xD


      Sorry for not getting back with ya :3

  7. Happy Birthday, Sir ^^ *Claps And Laughs* 


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