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  1. Meinst du die Double-Trailor?
  2. Gibt es überhaupt noch andere Speditionsprogramme?
  3. Gebannt, weil dein Name schwer auszusprechen ist
  4. I think staff needs to read more of the critical stuff and to work with it...
  5. Well, I don't have ATS but I'm thinking about it.... Should I?
  6. I don't know if I should buy DLC Krone. How are your experiences with this DLC? cheers, Luke
  7. Okay, but if I'm driving 80kmh and my trailer jiggles like pudding on a straight road... then there is no more fun!
  8. these sh*tty new physics are destroying the game! Unfortunately your hint came to late
  9. Балтика - это интересное место! Я тоже куплю )

  10. ALWAYS off. Too many screaming kids inside
  11. Angela Merkel Q:What would you undo in your life?
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