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  1. We wish trollers would get prrma banned,and you re asking cheating to be banned for 6 months? Are you crazy?
  2. Thank you for your advices,I installed a different mode and I managed to fix the problem.Problem solved
  3. Hello,can you provide us with more details or screenshots with the problem you're facing? The information you provided doesn't help us determine the cause of the problem you're facing,thank you
  4. Hello,while driving from duisburg to calais I occured a very strange problem,I was 90km away from calais and of course a smart person decided to overtake me and I collided in an area that couldn't get unstuck,so I had to use F7 to go to a nearby service,after I did that I noticed that I got teleported to Pori (2000+ km away from calais),I have a triple trailer,does anyone know a solution?
  5. Hello,as I can see from the crash logs,the problem comes from the ets2 launcher (Fault address: 00007FF75981E0E1 0001:00E9D0E1 F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x64\eurotrucks2.exe) What I could suggest you to do is to go to your steam game library,right click on (Euro Truck Simulator 2),select Properties,Click on Installed Files and then Click the button that says "Verify integrity of the game files",the game may have some corrupt files, from the moment you said that you completely reinstalled the TruckersMP mod. It is not 100% sure this may solve the problem but you can give it a try.
  6. I'm wondering what the winner will receive
  7. The guy suggested an event with no lights at nights,I don't know why some of the people are talking about the headlights system at night.Anyways,I don't see the reason of this event,it will only cause crashes between players and more trollers.
  8. Hello,I think for a language to become official it needs to have many active users in game and forum as well,arabic language is already added on "Other Language" Section but is inactive,until it has more users I don't think that the language will be added as "Official",that being said,a little tip,when you make a suggestion try reading the rules before making a suggestion,if I m not wrong you already made a similar suggestions a few days ago and you have been told to use the right model on your suggestion.
  9. 5 years and still going,kiss the person below me :*
  10. If we're using ghost mode at every inconvinience it will make truckersmp unrealistic.In my opinion, waiting in the traffic is part of life so adding a ghost mode to decrease waiting time is unnecesery.
  11. I agree with you,being night outside and playing truckersmp also at night time gives a great vibe to be honest.
  12. Hello @A$ER,the problem you're describing is very common,indeed your PC is not bad,I have an rtx 3060 12 Gb Vram, 22 gb ram and a good cpu.I also have 20 fps with many players sometimes 10 fps if there are 150 players near by as well.But I think that's how the engine works,I'm not sure if the developers can do anything if the problem is from the game itself and not from the servers.But I may be wrong
  13. I think most people know to write without looking at the keyboard which it has almost 0 impact on the player's road view.Also if you don't type but watch other's chat texts is the same thing as typing a message yourself.I agree with @djoh,I played scs's convoy mode a few times and I can say that the chat is terrible made.Having to stop to type a message is simply a bad move and will probably increase the accidents as well.
  14. Hi @Mrkyy,by making a suggestion you need to follow the following model.Hope it helps you Suggestion Name: Suggestion Description: Any example images: Why should it be added?:
  15. Then maybe having to unlock some basic archivements that requires to play a bounch of hours,that's an option as well.
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