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  1. Suggestion Name: Add Status Highlight to Profile Suggestion Description: By adding this option, the person will have the option to highlight any status of their profile. It will make it easier for anyone who accesses your profile, and can already see the best status of your profile. Or: 1. instead of Featured Status, it can be by newly posted Status. 2. If possible, have both options, then we can choose if we want to show some specific photo that we will choose within the status or status highlight recently released. Why should it be added?: Because if you just posted a status, and you are commenting on or reacting to a topic, the status is swallowed by the timeline. It would also be interesting to be able to highlight some Status on the profile. Examples by images: Would have an option to change if you have both option. It may be within profile settings, if it is better. I put there just for example:
  2. @ThiagoBR_ Sim, eu fiz esse tópico por conta do tópico que eu fiz em sugestão em fórum "Enable .Gif" teria como você excluir ele? Porque já é ativado e descobrir como é feito pra ser reconhecido. E obg @Beater Opressor!! Seria esse, se possível deleta-lo:
  3. Virou só um mortal, mas passa bem....


  4. Yes. But I say more in the sense of new players that can not see any player, there are people who horn even in tunnel, see a player name already prepares the H key. haha
  5. Tem a possibilidade de remover um tópico meu criado? Criei um tópico e quero apagar, mas vasculhei em tudo não achei a opção de remove-lo, somente editar.
  6. Suggestion Name: Enable .GIF in the Forum Why should it be added?: Being able to use GIF in the forum would be interesting to make animated signatures, besides being able to post some GIF in your profile status
  7. Not currently supported, but developers will soon be able to access the "goodyear paint package" in the new update.
  8. Access a the folder TruckersMP folder in ProgramData If you don't find, Open your documents and type in the directory: C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP Next go to the licenses folder Choose game folder ATS or ETS2 Next go to the ui folder And there will be the images, you can edit the guide, which would be this ui_skin. Now just edit in a photo editor and replace
  9. When you are new to truckersmp and see another player. lol
  10. Suggestion Name: Point system in the wallet. Suggestion Description: Create a system of points in the wallet, thus being more rigid to enter some servers for example simulative servers Why should it be added?: It would be cumulative scoring, if the player committing infractions he will be punished with the scores (points in the wallet), thus being able to place restrictions on the simulations servers through the points (Examples in the images below.) So avoiding troll player, besides getting more simulative. Edit: There were two confusing reactions, but. Basically, it would be driver's license score, if you break a law depending on the situation, you get a number of points on your driver's license Thus, the more points you accumulate will have restrictions of some things, for example enter the simulation server 1 0 points in driver's license = You have not been infringed, you can play on server simulation 1 So on, putting restrictions on who gets points in the driver's license This is an example that exists in real life, but can be done in other ways as virtual points in the game, can be done if the person loses he will not have access to such servers and etc. example images:
  11. Game: American Truck Simulator Mod Version: 1.32 Description of Issue: Distance on the American truck simulator gave a bug that could see people more than 5mil meters from me Screenshots:
  12. I had sent an answer but it disappeared, I do not know what happened ... But i got, thanks to all who helped!
  13. Exatamente isto! Eu só jogo no SA pra comboio específico.
  14. Estou gostando, só não está sendo muito aproveitada em comboio no momento por falta do Sync, mas quando atualizaram algum sincronizador e der pra achar as mesma cargas com os reboque, ai ficará show de bola, será melhor a experiência em comboio e etc.
  15. I have my ETS2 / ATS synchronized with the World of Trucks, but on my page it does not show the jobs done, distance traveled and etc. How do I synchronize the work done and distance traveled in the world of trucks?
  16. Rafaum Deejay

    GPS Voice

    Suggestion Name: GPS Voice Suggestion Description: I do not know if it already has something in development about this, but it would be very interesting to have a voice in the GPS indicating the route Why should it be added?: Will facilitate during gameplay
  17. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: /1.32 Description of Issue: Game camera focus on mp is not working
  18. liked it, it will be very useful! Good joob!
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