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  1. AV696

    Kicked with server with Goodyear livery

    Thank you, guys. Yes, answers were very helpfull and clear.
  2. Hello everyone. Sorry for asking but I cannot find answers on forum or else. I have a problem when I apply Goodyear DLC livery on any truck I get kicked out from the server. It says: Invalid accessories detected, please change the paint job. How long it usually takes mp to update new DLC into the mp ? Best regards, Aleks!
  3. AV696

    How to proceed when rammed.

    How do I record video? Had yesterday incident when a guy with triple trailer blocked my road on Norway bridge and start screaming something about love in French, he let everyone pass except me just for trolling. After 5 minutes of waiting . I ask why does he do that and I wrote his ID in chat and he finally took off (seems to me he was scared some moderators will see ID). Is there any code in console how I can get recordings from my last 30min driving or something similar? Just in case if next time trolls don't have fear Best regards, Aleks!
  4. AV696

    Heads Up Display (HUD) Work MP

    I used this front mirror display in singleplayer and I have to say its best mod. I just wish we could use it in MP