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  1. My longest job is probably just 3000 km and I don't remember about the locations, however I don't like long jobs.
  2. imo it is just possible since the physics would be a little bit weird and this is a trucking game, we should not get too much other vehicles.
  3. Scania is probably one of the best since they have high engine power and I personally like the Mercedes New Actros or Scanis S / Topline. Their paint jobs are quite cool.
  4. I have like 2 trucks for each brand, but only drive scania truckers with high engine power only
  5. @BunniGalMaybe this could help u (admins told me) For this, you will need to go into Documents\ETS2MP\logs and then find the log_spawning log for the date of which the ramming happened. Inside of the .log file (of which you can open with notepad) you will need to search in your case (1371), you can do that by pressing CTRL+F on the file and putting in the number (which the brackets) and then press enter until you find the players correct username, you will see TMPID: with the TMP ID number next to it on the line of the user that you want to report, just copy that number into the
  6. what have u done on the video so that they declined the report lmao Tbh it depends on the attitude of the driver who rammed me and also the mood I have on that day
  7. lol mine looks like a mess https://gyazo.com/023faf0c202a2be850d8b8945d205150
  8. So he hit me with his truck and he F7 to somewhere (also me) but i cannot see his name tag so I got an video on it but I cant type his name please help me. thanks. https://gyazo.com/c2820d2f0189964e197dd92deac3aec9 https://youtu.be/st9Hw254EC4 addition: He left the game when I tried to pinfo him and it shows another person
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