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  1. just not ugly like gary(? maybe some common colour like red or blue or shining gold lol
  2. <MEME>when you told others REC REP but you forgot that you didn't press that RECORD button....




  3. In fact for me sometimes I will rec <tag> them and pull over myself and stop the recording to report at TMP web report lol But sometimes people are just trolling you with that which is annoying
  4. So he hit me with his truck and he F7 to somewhere (also me) but i cannot see his name tag so I got an video on it but I cant type his name please help me. thanks. https://gyazo.com/c2820d2f0189964e197dd92deac3aec9 https://youtu.be/st9Hw254EC4 addition: He left the game when I tried to pinfo him and it shows another person
  5. It would be better if they can check their mirror for sure btw I agree that not all bad drivers are under 15 as me and most of my friends are under this age haha
  6. Ummm who always see the condition that people just don't look out at the other side and just cut out after that.....oops you died like this https://gyazo.com/147cdc55161a61004f69224e911af47d
  7. sometimes it is annoying that you get stuck in those trucks so if the double trailer truck can move, we all would get away faster I guess photos here: https://gyazo.com/123593f50dc25c4176ea098b487c47b3 https://gyazo.com/7378b8f8c6641c0bbba2206e859cb9d5
  8. it would be CD road for me for sure lol just love to stuck in the middle of trucks
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