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  1. Connecting to a VPN when starting TMP worked, I just turn it off after that. Anyways it seems to be working now without it.
  2. Always the same error with different ip's, im mad at this point and I just rage quit.
  3. In the last few lines of the RayRay5 response, you can see it may be because of SCS Convoy mp, try starting in SinglePlayer and accept convoy progress. Then it should be resolved.
  4. I think this is an awesome idea since it gives more life to the world having ads for VTC's and not only VTC's but events for made by players normally that get a server, it would be awesome to see that. Also if possible seeing mini videos in boards would be interesting too. But all this should have limitations: - Generaly all ads should change after a certain time. - All ads should have HD visual and being aprooved by Staff. - In very dense areas like calais port the ads that should be prioritized would be events made by players or other information, like rules, roads closed or something else that Staff thinks worthy. - VTC's couldn't have more than 1 ad in one city and country. - It shouldn't have a price tag or any other merch from VTC's and alike. I don't agree having an option to disable the ads since it's not supposed to be everywhere only on highways and some cities or ports, it gives something to look at in traffic like in calais port, also I don't understand why people would stop playing bc of having boards with ads, do they stop driving in highways just because of a board? I think all ads should have an High Standard to be nice to look at. Also it should not be limited to VTC's since that would be a waste of a good feature.
  5. Suggestion Name: Add more diversity in traffic online! Suggestion Description: Put more vehicles for the players to use, vans or cars. Vans could have an option like the skoda trailer but instead its inside the van, transporting something. Why should it be added?: I like multiplayer mainly because of driving with real people and that makes driving more interesting since we can have soo many situations happening, but I also like diversity and having different cars is one of them since we dont have the AI traffic yet (I know it will be added as mentioned in some news but it will take a long time..). I think having vans and different cars would be better than seeing always trucks, I know its suposed to be a WoT but even in that world there's other vehicles, I mainly drive trucks and most people but seeing always trucks its kinda boring plus not having the AI traffic. Here's an example of a really good car mod having many custom parts and all sounds and animations, which is similar to skoda, adding more diversity: https://sharemods.com/nl6hqsl6lmg1/Honda_Civic_iES_v7.0_1.39.zip.html Any example images: https://ets2.lt/en/honda-civic-ies-v7-0-1-39/ https://ets2.lt/en/volkswagen-crafter-v1r50-1-39/
  6. Its been a while and AI traffic on truckersmp never became a thing, its something that would bring players to the servers since it wouldn't be always empty roads. its been 2 years.. soooon
  7. I was bout to get mad but I found that I didnt had line warp in notepad++ and since I use vsc, it seemed to be only random characters lol thx @Dylan R
  8. I cant edit pmg and pmd files with notepad++ or any other, appears random characters, is there a tool? I've searched but didn't find any.
  9. Suggestion Name: Graphics and minor visual effects Suggestion Description: It changes the graphics or effect, visuals of the game, it reduces bloom or change the view. Any example images: Vanilla: http://prntscr.com/l3c04y HDR fix(Mod): http://prntscr.com/l3c0uo Why should it be added?: having graphics mod like HDR fix could give a more smooth view and with HDR vanilla the light is to bright, the road signs are sometimes all white on vanilla and the excessive bloom. I think it would not make i differance on the stability of the server because its only a visual mod and not an expansion. Even if all graphics mods arent allowed, adding a mod like HDR fix would reduce the bloom the color, give a better look and not hurt your eyes. HDR fix: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=19147 (i didnt mean to break a rule by posting the link)
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