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  1. I like Scania S730 with the 8x4 chassis best for heavy cargo.
  2. Jaa, heisann.. Jeg begynte med MP i 2015 ca og har stor trvid godt med dette her
  3. Skoda is a little boring car and model.
  4. I will have a free speed, in Europa 2, but if you will have speed limit.. Just drive in Europa 1 :))
  5. You can get much money from cargo and things like that.. But if you will take this seriously dont drive Calias - Dusinburg ( Road )
  6. I like EU2, and the reason is, I like to drive in Scandinavian.. And then I meet more guys.
  7. Which one of these you like best, I drive Scania S but I just wondering .. what do you like?
  8. Sloggen

    Truck or car?

    Okay, thanks for the feed back, i will begin with a Truck
  9. Sloggen

    Truck or car?

    What is best? Truck or Car?
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