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  1. They are both the same statistically.
  2. Thank you, good information to know!
  3. DJZephyr


    Personally, I barely lag is Calais, but the traffic is what gets me, and is actually annoying. For me it depends on what mood I am in if I want to drive through there
  4. When you installed TruckersMP did you install ATS, and not just ETS? If you did not, then you need to uninstall TruckersMP, reinstall it, and be sure to install both in there.
  5. What is your favorite radio station to listen to while playing ATS? Hello Truckers! I was wondering what you guys like listening to while playing American Truck Simulator! Do you listen to an online radio station? Do you listen to spotify? Do you listen to music you added into the game? Or do you simply listen to the sound of your engine? Personally, I either listen to SimulatorRadio, or my Spotify. (FYI I always listened to SimulatorRadio, even before I became a DJ) Please let me and the community know! I for one am interested in what you prefer to listen to while playing! Best Regards, DJ Zephyr
  6. Scania S or Scania R? Both trucks are essentially the same truck, although the Scania S is bigger than the R, that is just about the only difference between the two... I personally drive a Scania S, but I was wondering which truck you guys prefer? Keep on trucking! DJ Zephyr SimulatorRadio.com
  7. DJZephyr

    truck load

    It is a part of the Scandinavia DLC.
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