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  1. Summer vacation was "secretly" planned by my parents, but it got scrapped after my dad was hurt in May. Always room for next year!
  2. lol

    1. derek01


      Very good thank you

  3. It's strange to think that this update was coming when just last night, I was talking to a fellow TMP user about when certain tunnels and roads would be finished.
  4. I think it would be a good idea and convenient, at least for me. Whenever I'm going to a destination to deliver cargo, I often find myself not paying attention to the GPS.
  5. 2014 Chevrolet Cruze with over 135,000 miles on the odometer. Original engine still doing okay. These are the only strange noises it makes: 1. Tensioner/Idler pulley still squeaks. 2. Plastic "ECOTEC" shield that covers the coils/spark plugs rattles like crazy at idle. You would almost think the bearings on the water pump were failing! This image was also yanked from Google, however the color and trim package is exact. Black Granite Metallic 1LT Trim
  6. No internet until Friday. Technician went to the wrong address, and did so at the final hour of the schedule. :/

  7. I do typically go 95+km/h If I see a truck or 2 ahead of me, I slow down a bit to observe their behavior. Then I make the decision to pass.
  8. Midwest heatwave ending Tuesday hopefully. Forecast shows 32°C with 72% humidity. Morning dew is going to be oppressive!

  9. derek01

    New House!

    Hey everyone! The video is finally up! Please check the original post and you can view it from there. Enjoy!
  10. derek01

    New House!

    Thank you again for the kind comments Been busy with cleaning out our garage, we have small things to move now. I have finished editing the video finally, and is currently exporting. I'll bump the post when it's ready
  11. derek01

    New House!

    Hey, all! Thank you for the kind responses and compliments about the house. It indeed is very nice, and once we get settled in it'll look better. I'm currently working on editing my re-done tour video since we just dropped by to take measurements for furniture. I'll bump this post when the YouTube video is ready! Cheers
  12. derek01

    New House!

    Hey everybody, as you'll notice I am fairly new to the TruckersMP forums, but not the multiplayer mod in general. But anyways, we're moving into our forever home very soon. We'll be busy this weekend, and mid workweek as well. I'll hopefully be playing TruckersMP online once we get our Internet and TV service transferred. The previous owners bought it in 2015, and did some much needed renovation. I am providing before and after pictures of what the front looks like, and uploading a 15-20 minute house tour video to YouTube. I will bump this thread once the upload is completed This is obviously a very exciting thing to happen to us. For now, here are the pictures. Winter of year 2015, before renovation work: Spring of 2018, after renovation work: Video Caption Mistakes: **When I made a caption regarding the fireplace, I did not include what part. There is a visible crack in the "flue". Agent recommended a Level 2 inspection as soon as possible. **When I made a caption regarding the Vent-Free Fireplace in the rear seasonal room, I put down false information. There is no "carbon monoxide risk". There is no "gas explosion" risk since the gas line is not connected to that system. There is a fire hazard if the proper starting and use procedures are not followed. The only real detrimental issue besides the fire risk is moisture. The exhausts vent directly into the living space, and it contains 25% moisture. "Unpleasant" smell also included. (Charcoal or tar smell) I have double checked the inspection document to correct any errors I may have made with my captions or statements. I should have done that before exporting, oops! Video is now online! Enjoy! Cheers everyone
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