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  1. Evandro Pereira

    Easter Egg Hunt 2019 - Results!

    Excellent event. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who hunted all the eggs. I hope to see more fun events like this.
  2. Evandro Pereira

    How much kilometers driven you have ?

    My Scania S has already passed through 500k. My new MAN is with 169k. They are my favorite trucks.!
  3. Evandro Pereira

    Truck or car?

    Truck for sure. The car seems a bit strange, only drives once more never again.
  4. Evandro Pereira

    Server speed limit survey

    I prefer a server with a speed limit and a collision, just because we're talking about a simulation game. A server where everyone would obey the rules and simulate would be really good. I, for example, like to play in EU2, but I always avoid very congested areas and I look for highways with less traffic, especially in DLCs.
  5. Evandro Pereira

    [GAME]Tracking other player's speed

    Interesting, I think it's a very good option to identify people who are disobeying the rules of speed. You have to see if implementing this feature is easy. So +1
  6. Norway, Baltic countries e Italy. Beautiful places.
  7. Evandro Pereira

    Ford F Max? Ford Cargo?

    Ford F-MAX, for sure!
  8. Evandro Pereira

    How Long Have You Been Playing?

    I will complete 4 years of play. I definitely love this game .
  9. Evandro Pereira

    Favorite area to drive?

    The coastal roads along California and Oregon. The forest roads of oregon. The Clifton Highway in Arizona. And the mountain stretch between Farmington and Raton in New Mexico. My favorite routes on American Truck .
  10. Evandro Pereira

    Which You Prefer ? DLC New Mexico vs Oregan.

    I like both, but if I go to pick one, I prefer Oregon DLC through the green forests and lumber yards. The two DLCs are very well built. I hope Washington DLC is even better than the previous ones.
  11. Evandro Pereira

    Modified Dlc

    It's the Mercedez tuning pack for sure . Hopefully they make an improvement on the older mercedez as well, he's needing it. Particularly I do not see the time of tuning packages for Volvo and MAN. And you, what do you think?
  12. Evandro Pereira

    Favorite DLCS

    My favorite is the Scandinavia DLC without doubt, by the beautiful landscapes, mainly in Norway. DLC Italy and France also have beautiful landscapes on inland roads. And it still has the heavy-duty dlcs, it's a great challenge every now and then
  13. Evandro Pereira

    What are your thoughts on the upcoming DLC?

    As always, I expect another DLC very well done by SCS. I also expect two map extensions and two new trucks this year as well, plus other accessory DLCs
  14. Evandro Pereira

    New truck is coming to ATS

    Looking forward to seeing another truck in American Truck. I see rumors that Freightliner Cascadia may be coming this year too, I hope it's true.
  15. Evandro Pereira

    oficinas nos postos

    Seria uma ótima sugestão para a SCS, já que dependeria deles fazer esse tipo de modificação nos postos. Temos que ver também se isso é comum nos postos de combustível da Europa, eu particularmente não sei rs. Acho que o TruckersMP já fez o que estaria ao seu alcance, que é adicionar o comando /fix aos servidores.