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  1. Actually I do not like this modification too much. I would have preferred the community to vote for this change. I liked the previous system very much, it worked well and there were not many problems. I would like to go back to the previous TMP. This system is good, I admire the work of TMP but it should not have been implemented, they should have consulted the community. TMP would have to listen more to the community, before making radical changes
  2. why dont TMP creates a pool to see if users want the restriction being removed or not ?
  3. Hello users Suggestion Name: Who can drive the double trailer on the C-D road? Suggestion Description: My proposals is to create a system by which certain people can drive "double trailes". For example "veterans-moderators-donors-Etc". There would be a regulation on who can use these trailers and would reduce the trolls or people who just want to disturb. Whoever uses these trailers will have a greater ban penalty if it creates a nuisance to other players. I would recommend in these areas to limit the speed of these people to 120km / h - 130km / h 75 - 80 Miles. Any example images: NO Why should it be added ?: We could use this system to get more experience in these trailers along the ETS2 map, and we could be regulated by the moderators and the system.
  4. The windscreen wipers work correctly in the scout, if you press the "P" key they would have to work, if they do not work you have an error in your game It is a good suggestion
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