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  1. Prośba do wszystkich uczestników konwoju ! Proszę o wejście na poniższy link i kliknięcie w przycisk "Będę tam!" https://truckersmp.com/events/961-konwój-urodzinowy-firm-darkom-oraz-szachmat
  2. If you agree - leave a reaction or comment :)
    Thanks !


  3. SzachMat VS !
    Top 3 places in the January 2021 competition for the World Of Trucks deliveries on the TrucksBook platform !


    We almost had it! Only 24 037 km were short of the 1st place !

    Daily record of driven kilometers (in WOTr): 514.052 km !
    Monthly record of driven kilometers in 1 month (WOTr only): 5.169.782km
    Top 3 SzachMat! drivers in January 2021:


    THANK YOU SzachMat! Team !!!

  4. Suggestion Name: Car Physics Suggestion Description: For a few months, I was wondering, why the car physics has not been changed. I mean it is a Simulator, but in-game, a small Scout (Skoda) can hit a huge set and tip it over easily, which is quite abnormal. In real life, the truck driver would not even feel when someone would hit his trailer. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: I believe that this change would protect normal players from childish ones, who are joining the game, only to disturb the game of normal players - especially if the truckers are deliverin
  5. Winter has arrived !

    1. Glare


      Nice Photo! 👍

    2. EliminatorPL


      Thank you @Glare :)


  6. 🤝👍  A big THANK YOU to the TruckersMP Team for securing our Charity Convoy!  👍 🤝


  7. Z konwoju zostaje usunięta firma Niestety do 10 grudnia VS nie potwierdziła udziału w konwoju, nie pojawili się na zebraniu 11 grudnia, nie podała liczby uczestników ani nie odpowiedziała na wiadomości prywatne moje i Pawła.
  8. Przypominamy o zebraniu przedstawicieli firm uczestniczących w konwoju dziś, o 20:30, na serwerze DC Kanał: https://discord.gg/Bz5y8Ks6Pr
  9. Z konwoju urodzinowego Firmy Darkom oraz SzachMat! zostaje usunięta firma OneNess.
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