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  1. Thanks for the hard work you had done for all of us in this community :truestory:

  2. 0xuvNbr.png

    Out on a late drive.

  3. spacer.png

    On a late roadtrip with @DK legends never die, credits for the picture are also going to him.

  4. Happy birthday to you! :check:

  5. Happy birthday to you mp trucker ;) 

  6. Happy birthday :D 

  7. Happy birthday ;) 

  8. Happy birthday :check:


    I just saw you have birthday today, then i think i would like you write happy birthday to you ;) 

  9. Happy birthday :D


    I just saw you have birthday ;)

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    2. Simülasyon ISTANBUL
    3. Eurovision Lisbon 2018

      Eurovision Lisbon 2018

      Thank you everyone :D

      I am now 17, my parents got me a car and I am so happy

    4. ZefojGaming


      Np, and it sounds good hope that you had a good day on your birthday, and with your new car ;) 

  10. Happy birthday dute ;)


    I just saw you have birthday, and then i would like to kindly write a birthday greeting :D

  11. Happy birthday sir! i hope you would get a nice day ;)

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