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    With a friend RN on  #sim1 #larsendribution #morningpepole #driveallnight #morning #letsgo #goodday #seeyousoon #company good job now we going to UK Dover both us on freeway 

  2. Hej jeg har nu et VTC men jeg vil gerne være leder da det mig der ejer det hvad skal til der til for at det bliver mig der ejer det med VTC Leder rollen ?
  3. Heating back to denmark with my friend! 🏗️🚨🚧🚛spacer.png

  4. Have a nice day! i hope we can meet to a photo for one of my friends! he like policecars XD kind regards Dk legends never die! 

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Thank you! You too have a great day! :)

  5. Almost there just 1.000 km more spacer.png

  6. spacer.png In denmark! Soon moving on

  7. hello i wonna drive with some pepole so if there anyone there want to join me so meet me in Denmark copenhagen Elgiganten Promods pm 1 soon is posebile make sure i have a trailer ready to drive a trip! i hope i see u there or contact me ingame same name here and discord etc

  8. let's drive on Promods Pm 1

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