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  1. lorenzy2

    Gerçek Operasyonlar - 28 Temmuz 2019

    Teşekkürler çeviri için
  2. Thanks for your follow  :thisisfine:

    1. lorenzy2


      You are welcome :wub:

  3. van harte gefeliciteerd met uw verjaardag  :wub::rolleyes:

    1. [NL/GER] Levi

      [NL/GER] Levi

      Dankjewel Lorenzy! <3

  4. lorenzy2

    Red Lights, when do you run them?

    Normally, i don't run the red lights but if i am bored, i will probably run them. Mostly i am waiting for them because i want to play the game realistic.
  5. lorenzy2

    Should TruckersMP change their ban system?

    Current system is working very well in my opinion. Experienced Game mods are dealing with problems perfectly.
  6. lorenzy2

    How to increase the delivery time

    Thanks for information mate
  7. lorenzy2

    New VTC system is out

    Thank you for your time, we love the VTC System
  8. lorenzy2

    Cars ?

    TMP probably added the cars for more reality. And i think it is a bit working. Why don't you try to report that troll player? We shouldn't blame other car drivers for a troll.
  9. lorenzy2

    How to proceed when rammed.

    Well, why don't we stay calm and warn the other. They might do a big mistake but we should learn from them.
  10. lorenzy2

    Road to Simulation

    I haven't play this game for a while, but when i am back i saw there is major update. Thanks for it TruckersMP
  11. Happy birthday darlin' :)

    1. TheGoodGuy1515


      Thank you person i never heard of before :D

    2. lorenzy2


      I hope you will :D

  12. lorenzy2

    Do you slow down, when you are being overtaken?

    I mean i always think this game like real life, in real life i would let people pass me so i always slow down a bit and let people pass. This is some kind of a rule in European Roads. You need to let others overtake you. You don't have to make things hard.
  13. lorenzy2

    [Poll] Possible ideas for a new congested road

    Most of the people are playing multiplayer for the chaos, we need to find somewhere which is would be busy at anytime. Also it shouldn't be DLC so players can drive easily.In my opinion give your advices within this requirements.
  14. lorenzy2

    TruckersMP Anketi

    Teşekkür ediyoruz
  15. lorenzy2

    [BİLGİ] Yol Haklarında Kaza Oranı

    Ve yoldaki düz çizgi varsa her iki taraf için de sollama yapmak yasak. Sağ tarafta çizgi çizgi, solda düz çizgi varsa çizgi çizgi olan yere yakın olan şerit sollama yapabilir ters şerittekine yasak.Tek olarak çizgi çizgiyse karşı şeride bakarak sollama yapmak serbest.