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  1. lorenzy2

    [Poll] Possible ideas for a new congested road

    Most of the people are playing multiplayer for the chaos, we need to find somewhere which is would be busy at anytime. Also it shouldn't be DLC so players can drive easily.In my opinion give your advices within this requirements.
  2. lorenzy2

    TruckersMP Anketi

    Teşekkür ediyoruz
  3. lorenzy2

    [BİLGİ] Yol Haklarında Kaza Oranı

    Ve yoldaki düz çizgi varsa her iki taraf için de sollama yapmak yasak. Sağ tarafta çizgi çizgi, solda düz çizgi varsa çizgi çizgi olan yere yakın olan şerit sollama yapabilir ters şerittekine yasak.Tek olarak çizgi çizgiyse karşı şeride bakarak sollama yapmak serbest.
  4. lorenzy2

    Where do you drive the most? Or your favourite road?

    Calais-Duisburg when there is traffic but mostly on Scandinavia, Bergen-Oslo.
  5. lorenzy2

    How often do you replace your truck in-game?

    I am just playing with what i want to play at that moment. I am unstable a bit
  6. lorenzy2

    Fastest Truck (with upgrades) in both games

    Volvo FH with volvo FH16 engine and MAN 12 transmission is the fastest truck imo on ETS2.