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    I am a fan of aerial photography, gaming is mainly oriented towards simulation games, I studied programming, I like to help people helping them to solve the various technical problems.
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    arrow's of the street's
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    Nevada: Las Vegas
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    Italy: Catanzaro
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    italiano, inglese, francese

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  1. congratulations

  2. Gioco a ets e ats 4/5 al giorno, se sono in compagnia di amici, gioco anche 7 ore al giorno.
  3. thanks for following me

  4. francesco_c

    Experimental Beta 1.33

    very interesting, thanks for the information.
  5. francesco_c

    Random events on multiplayer

    Hi, I have disabled random events because they are not synchronized and I could annoy other users. regards
  6. francesco_c

    Creating Custom Jobs - Virtual Speditor

    a really very useful program, thanks.
  7. francesco_c

    Italy DLC

    hello, personally I recommend the DLC Italy, there are wonderful landscapes some points on the map are very real. I consider it the most beautiful Dlc after Scandinavia.
  8. francesco_c

    private server

    Hello, unfortunately there is no possibility of a private server, all you can use the server made available to play with your friend.
  9. Thanks for your follow:D

  10. Happy birthday 


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      Thank you!