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  1. Thanks Ajith18592 and izm07 for your fast response.
  2. In the end of convoys everyone takes a group photo. But something that always gets in the way are name tags. I've seen other people photos without them so there must be a way to take them out. it's probably on in game multiplayer settings but i don't know what option it is. If anyone knows how to do it just answer below.
  3. I want to be a Portuguese translator.

    1. i z m

      i z m

      Hello Sam! Good to hear that. If you want to join truckersmp team, you have to meet requirements for position. Also you can check these topics. Good luck! ^_^



    2. InvasiveSpark


      Wait for recruitment to open then apply!

      Find  the recruitment area here: https://truckersmp.com/recruitment

    3. RaneMoro





  4. In my opinion people who use their horn for more than 10 seconds get their horn disabled for 5 minutes
  5. They can use ETS2 sync helper
  6. Ia ser chato porque o jogo ia se tornar outra maquina de fazer dinheiro, em que o jogo só seria interessante se gastasses dinheiro nele.
  7. Eles não vao mudar isso, mas isso so acontece se tiveres em movimento. Se o motor demorar a pegar paras que já não és kikado, simples.
  8. Tenta dormir, fazer viagem rápida para uma garagem, ou procura na net como se usa o ETS2 Sync helper
  9. I think it is a good idea for some people but a few people might hate it
  10. The Wintermod is cool but I don't use it because everything looks the same and the game can start to be boring after some hours of gameplay
  11. Hi, I'm new in this Forum, but I am used to TruckersMP website in general. One day i wanted to became a translator but i couldn't because i had no forum activity, so I'm starting to use it. I wanted to know how the reputation system works here, now mine is " What is a Truck?". Thanks for your help .
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