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  1. I'm surprised that an IT engineer like you posts such a comment without trying to understand the details. The dashboard engine that I have made is based on the HTML, CSS, JS tech stack. These technologies were selected deliberately due to being a cross platform, easy in customization and development. For example, if somebody wants to create a custom skin he has to do that only once, and it will work in any browser and any device, as soon as they respect the web standards. Android is available only on Androids, but Web stack is available everywhere. The android APK I provided is just a wrapper for the built-in Android browser. No Xamarin, no Java, nothing else (except tiny plugins for accessing device settings), just HTML/CSS/JS inside a web view. If it were a custom native application I would have to reimplement everything on my own and all existing HTML skins would become incompatible. As for the dashboard canvas resize problem mentioned above, it IS a problem of the built-in browser web view. Different Android vendors provide users with different and sometimes crappy built-in web views based on who-knows-what version of the WebKit (not even Chromium). And I can't do anything about it. I have 3 Android devices: Galaxy Tab S (dashboard works perfectly), Amazon FireHD and Galaxy Note 1 (dashboard works, but animation is poor). But all these devices don't have any rotation problems. FF, Chrome, IE11, iOS 8 Mobile Safari don't either. If you like to create a native Android app that will render telemetry data on the screen using native Android UI (or maybe even OpenGL) supporting all the features included in the default skin, I would be happy to include that app in the distribution (and many people would be happy too). Cheers, Funbit
  2. The server is updated to version 2.2.0: https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server 2.2.0 changes: - Added Dashboard Skin Tutorial! - Fixed support for Cruise Control indicator and added Cruise Control Speed - Fixed deadline time bug - Made speed value always positive (even when reversing) - Significantly improved skin loading speed - Added ability to skip certain setup steps to support 3rd-party firewalls - Added ability to manually select ETS2 game path using standard UI when it is not detected automatically - Added wear indicators to the default skin - Added additional status message to check if server is connected to the telemetry plugin - Added 5 new photo realistic skins made by Klauzzy (DAF-XF, MAN-TGX, Mercedes-Atego, Scania, Volvo-FH) Thank you! - Added simple template skin - Changed telemetry plugin DLL name from ets2-telemetry.dll to ets2-telemetry-server.dll (previous version is not compatible anymore) - Various refactoring and improvements I also added links to some video overviews and guides in different languages. You may check the list here. Thank you guys for your support! From now on I'm not going to update this thread anymore. So for new versions please check https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server page directly.
  3. Thank you very much nlhans, I will include your updated plugin in the next version of the Telemetry Server as well.
  4. This is a not a bug, it's just the built-in Android browser does not respect CSS/HTML/JS standards. Your friend always has an option to install Chrome browser and open the dashboard there using "HTML5 App URL". The only problem with this approach is that device will go to sleep mode after a couple of minutes, so you have to install a separate app to prevent that (or disable sleep mode in the device settings).
  5. The server is updated to version 2.1.0: https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server 2.1.0 changes: - Moved to WebSockets for low-latency data updates - Optimized UI animation (now it is SUPER SMOOTH, especially in Desktop and Mobile Safari browsers) - Other fixes It is highly recommended to update to this version. I also created a FAQ, so if you are new here and have a question please read the FAQ first!
  6. The server is updated to version 2.0.0: https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server 2.0.0 changes: - Completely rewritten client side application. All code is now written in Typescript. - Full support for custom skins - Automated server installer - Telemetry broadcasting to external URLs (see Ets2Telemetry.exe.config) - Updated default dashboard skin - Tweaked refresh timings so skin should become more responsive (you may tweak it yourself as well, see "Html/config.json", comments included) - Administrator rights are now required only for installation. Server starts under user privileges. If you have 1.0.x version I strongly recommend to upgrade to 2.0.0.
  7. Maybe it is not a limitation is the SCS SDK, but latest version of the https://github.com/nlhans/ets2-sdk-plugin(the plugin that translates telemetry from SDK to a memory mapped file) reports 0 for cruise control, even if it is enabled. My server is based on ets2-sdk-plugin, as it is.
  8. I could not make it work either.. Since I don't use cruise control inside game I though that I just do something wrong, but it seems that this is another telemetry SDK limitation for now. It always reports "false" no matter what. @Crazyforiphone: I would appreciate if you include this as (4) item in the limitation list.
  9. No, I didn't, and I would appreciate if you post one. Currently, there are 3 telemetry SDK limitations I find annoying: 1) job information is not properly updated after job completion or after switching the profile (telemetry continues to report old information) 2) it seems not possible to determine whether the trailer is attached right now or not (i.e. when you attach/detach it using T key). Would be great if they can fix this issue. 3) currently, the gear reported by the telemetry sdk reflects the PHYSICAL gear, but it would be nice to have LOGICAL gear value which is what is shown on the in-game dashboard (the details of this limitation were explaned here http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=171000&start=10 ) Thanks. PS. I don't have much time right now to continue server development, but it does not mean that the server is dead. I'm already working on the next version with simplified installation, skin support etc. Just stay tuned
  10. Unfortunately it is not a bug, but telemetry SDK limitation. Hope developers will fix that.
  11. The first thing you should try is to connect to the "HTML5 App URL" (which should be ""for you) from your Android browser and see what will happen. If browser does not connect - then most probably you have Firewall issues. Have you read the tutorial and run Add-25555-Rule-Local.lnk ?
  12. Please try the version 1.0.4, it should fix the issue with Windows Phone. Let me know if it does Version 1.0.4: https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server
  13. The IP address is just numbers. Please read the manual carefully. Thank you.
  14. Yes, it should. I haven't tested it myself though (don't have it), would be great if you try it and let us know!
  15. The android application is now included in the server bundle. You may download it from the github. Fixed. Officially, I don't support Windows Phone devices because I don't have one. The HTML5/JS code works in IE 11, Firefox, Chrome, Android 4+ or iOS Safari. If there is a problem with Windows Phone's IE then I need somebody to find a way to fix it and let me know how... I have chosen 0001 year because 1st January of 0001 is Monday, and game starts user's time from Monday. Not sure about leap years though... BTW: The latest version (1.0.3) has fix for a bug related to the incorrect day of the week. Please make sure that you use latest version. In meters/secs. Please read the updated instructions on the github page about JSON. Just copy APK file to your device. Run any file manager (usually you have something preinstalled), find the APK and click on it. The device will prompt you to install the application. If it does not - make sure that you allowed application installation from "Unknown" sources in the device's Security settings. The server is updated to version 1.0.3: https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server 1.0.3 changes: - Fixed bug with invalid day of the week - Improved connection stability - Completely decoupled gauge design and gauge update engine (coded in Typescript) so it is easier to create custom skins - Added some scripts to simplify the installation for new users - Updated Android application PS. I'm going to be pretty busy next week so probably there won't be any major updates. But the current version is pretty stable and thoroughly tested on the following devices and browsers: iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 1/2, Kindle Fire HD, Galaxy Tab S, Firefox 34, Chrome 39, IE 11.
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