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  1. Merry Christmas To All!

  2. How Juju Gets To Work 


  3. Its Fun Working For ZHU ARTCC ! :) 


  4. Lately just been dispatching for these guys 


  5. Someone remind me to never do a 35 hour haul again. 

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Never do a 35 hour haul again.

  6. Anyone Up For Playing ETS 2MP At The Moment. Message Me On Here Or On Discord @LCodGaming X #4842

  7. What I Want To Do When Someone Runs Into The Back Of Me On Truckers MP Servers


    1. LCodGaming X

      LCodGaming X

      Cause I Dont Like Rammers LOL

  8. Just Recently Moved Over To ETS 2! Feels Great Getting Stuck In Traffic


    1. Mika L.

      Mika L.

      And excactly that (!) road, is fun to sit in traffic on :lol: I normally takes a few "serious" trips all over in ETS2, and when I don't feel for trucking anymore, I'm just picking up a trailer (or taking my car) and is driving along the C-D road to see what's going on :P Funny things can actually happen. It's not only trolls and rammers xD

    2. LCodGaming X
  9. Cool Guy. Thanks For The Help :)

  10. Hello Mike. Your A Really Cool Admin And I Enjoy Talking To You In game. Keep Up The Good Work :)

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Thank you so much, guys! <3

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