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  1. I have sent my complaints trough the feedback system, about the new 'update' since that is for whatever reason, the only place they will even respond with a proper answer (hopefully).


    It is very clear what the TruckersMP team wants, and what the community wants, and those opinions are very opposite it seems. There was even a poll up for a very short amount of time, where people could vote what server they used the most, and if they wanted the old system back. ( This poll was very quickly moved to trash for whatever reason......)


    And it was very clear, that a very, very large portion of the community do not like the new servers. I hope we can get together and find a proper solution to this, instead of forcing a system to people. There are ways to make this work for everyone, we just have to talk about it, and come to some form of agreement.

    1. [ST-E] mrhijden

      [ST-E] mrhijden

      i dont even see the issue if i'm honest. yes arcade servers are NCZ. so what? yes simulation have max speed of 110. so what? people will find a way to troll anyway, with or without the team doing this. maybe it get's rid of some of the trolls. since they can't slam into people anymore at 150.

    2. happy_trucking_ets2


      Have you seen the 'simulation 1' server? It is one giant mess, even more than the old Europe 2. Limiting speed is not the issue here, I don't even really mind it, but what I want is a proper simulation server, and a different option, for people who don't want to drive 100% realistic, which is a large portion of the playerbase.

      One simple solution would be to change arcade 1 or 2, to a server with collision, give them more playerspaces even and done. 

    3. [ST-E] mrhijden

      [ST-E] mrhijden

      there should be 1 server with NCZ if you ask my. makes a place for fun VTC events, In example cops and robbers. could be seen as dangours driving. wich back in the day wasn't the issue on eu4. havent fully read the new rules yet not sure how and what. arcade in general not a bad idea. both ncz. might me a bit much.

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