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  1. Monday motivation! just 4 more days till the weekend!


  2. all VTC's that you spot on the road. have paintjobs that can be found ingame, they just use a paintjob that can be found in the service (standard or DLC) and just add the colors they want. as far as i'm aware TMP doesn't support costum painjobs. unless it changed in a the last few days.
  3. maybe check if you acidently assigned your RMB to your handbrake? i've had the same issue and turned out to be it.
  4. quick question. just saw that my application was declined. fair enough. just wanted to know what you mean by ''not enough information'' is that personal information or how do i need to see it?

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    2. [RDL] mrhijden

      [RDL] mrhijden

      @TFM DJ ccowie this is something more i can work with, cheers mate.

    3. Cowie


      You are most welcome, I want to wish you the best of luck when you next apply! I am here if you have any questions, just message me on the forums.

    4. NeonLeon


      I think your question has already been answered and I can't really add something to what's already been said. Contact me via the feedback system and we can take a closer look ;)


      I'll lock this status update to prevent further discussion :mlg_doge:


      Kind regards,


  5. Hi, this is a known bug. you have to change your gearbox to a sequential gearbox to your gameplay settings. it does mean that you have to shift yourself, so make sure you check what keybinds you have to swift with.
  6. What is everyone thinking of the new beta, i absolutly love it!

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    2. [RDL] mrhijden

      [RDL] mrhijden

      That justdepends how long it's gonna take for them to fix all the bugs, but they are minor bugs and (hopefully) fixed quiet fast. and otherwise. we gotta wait and hope when it get's released. that TMP is able to update to it quiet fast.

    3. Olioak


      I'm praying that it won't take too long because this update has got me hyped!!! 

    4. francesco_c


      I tried the beta and I must say that it is really beautiful

  7. kan best zijn dat we nog een paar weken aant wachten zijn, moeten maar gewoon geduld hebben.
  8. if i underrstand your question correctly. you are asking what the server time is based on. it's a central time, everybody has the same time.
  9. last i heard it doesn't, unless SCS made it into a full release and they we're able to port it.
  10. i'm in the same situation as you, and i meet the requirments, but we just got to wait and be patient, someone i recently spoke to didn't hear anything for 3 months, just gotta wait.
  11. Can you post a screenshot of the error it shows?
  12. Also make sure that your firewall doesn't block the game, that happend when i first started, make sure that you approve the game in your firewall so it isn't blocked.
  13. on the forums. or ingame you mean? because i believe kicks and verbal warnings don't show up on your tmp profile page.
  14. What i often do: i use the nvidia program, and just stop the recording when i did /pinfo, and just select properties on the file and it gives me a rough time of when it happen,
  15. that is a SCS thing tho, nothing to do with the TruckersMP team.
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