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  1. ^ Yeah then in the afternoon time, the main thing is that it will be released on 5th Dec
  2. I'M EXCITED! I think it will be released at 00:00 so I will probably be in the first guys who will buy it. BELLA ITALIA I'M COMING!
  3. Well, When I want to relax it's somewhere in Scandinavia mostly near Stockholm. And when I want some action and extremely much crashes then it's definitely Calais - Rotterdam / Calais - Duisburg
  4. I'm a big Volvo fan but to be honest, the new Scania S-Series looks pretty good.
  5. TheClarence

    TruckFest 2017

    Well, I have two questions. 1. Are DLCs allowed to use to tune the truck? 2. With trailers or without or who want can take one?
  6. TheClarence

    TruckFest 2017

    Great event, Will be there for sure and got an new design idea for my truck
  7. Depends, for example if you want much traffic and much damage then Europe 2 :D. If not then the Europe 3 it's good for chilling and less traffic.
  8. I'm not sure but i think it's because they use mods. (its the one in the next comment)
  9. Hey guys is the DAF bug fixed?


    1. Gun Powder

      Gun Powder

      It already works well

    2. Smoky_TMP


      Yes, please stay tuned to this if you encounter bugs: 


    3. TheClarence


      checked it out, works. Thanks guys


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